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RoundShark helps medium and large businesses substantially grow their web traffic and improve return on investment. In short, we’re here to make you money, not boost vanity metrics or deliver results that look great but achieve nothing.

RoundShark focuses on improving your bottom line through holistic SEO & PPC management, using some of the brightest minds and most cutting edge practices in the industry. 

If you’re an ambitious and growth focused business then we’re a perfect fit! Why not get in touch?

Our team

Pete McAllister


Pete is an experienced digital marketer, having worked in some of the most competitive finance markets in the UK whilst achieving phenomenal results.

He’s helped independent companies successfully claw their way up the Google organic rankings to get to page one and overtake giants like MoneySupermarket and GoCompare!

Having formally trained in management consultancy, Pete takes an analytical approach to both SEO and PPC, finding every opportunity available in order to create a holistic strategy that provides results others wouldn’t be able to replicate.

Marina Fountoglou


Marina came to Scotland in 2013 to attend The University of Glasgow and study psychology.

Since graduating she has found a passion for the creative side of marketing and works with RoundShark to manage our content marketing campaigns. Marina helps put our clients’ brands in front of the readers of some of the world’s biggest sites.

Using her creative flair Marina has created campaigns that have really drawn huge attention. Combine this with an impeccable work ethic and the results are second to none.

Marcos Caprio


Marcos is a skilled php developer and on-hand to develop new cutting edge features for client websites and debug any potential issues from previous developers.

He is also the lead developer for RoundShark’s specialised blogger outreach operations.

Using  his vast array of skills and experience, Marcos is able to develop solutions to allow clients to implement SEO changes on scale quickly and securely.

That means no more waiting about to get ahead of the competition!

Our Services

Search Engine Optimisation

  Organic search is the most valuable and highest converting form of traffic a website can get. With over 8 years experience ranking websites in some of the toughest markets online RoundShark can deliver a truly world class service.

We’ve taken websites from 0 traffic to over 60,000 unique organic visitors a month using safe, sustainable an long lasting SEO practices.

Get in touch to learn more about what RoundShark can offer your company’s SEO performance. 

Pay Per Click Advertising

 PPC advertising is a traffic generation channel that can be very costly if not done correctly. RoundShark has experience optimising and improving on Google Ads campaigns, bringing costs down by as much as 60% whilst drastically improving bottom line performance at the same time.

Our analytical approach and attention to detail makes sure that every penny is squeezed out of your ad budget.

Get in touch to learn more about what RoundShark can offer your company’s PPC advertising.

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